BuildPalestine is a global community for social Innovation

Palestine's global community for social innovation

Because when our community comes together, anything is possible. Together, we can build the Palestine we all want to see.

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BUILD Ecosystem 

At BuildPalestine, we believe that everyone should be empowered with the tools of social innovation to create the change they want to see

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BUILD Impact

We are committed to amplifying the work of the most impactful and innovative organizations in Palestine

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BUILD Global

We invite supporters around the world to join our  global community for social impact. Because together, anything is possible

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Impact Network

We partner with the most effective and innovative organizations to amplify their impact

“What I like most about BuildPalestine is that it is a youth-led initiative…the mission is in its name. BuildPalestine is creating a community for people who simply want to help and hear about each other’s work.



“Working with BuildPalestine was a fantastic experience. First of all, it is a local, Palestinian initiative. Second, we received intimate support with constructive, and useful advice.” 


Director of Sunbula