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At BuildPalestine, we help impactful organizations in Palestine to launch crowdfunding campaigns so you can a direct way donate!

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6 Ways to Volunteer in Palestine

Photos: Mohammed Zaanoun, ActiveStills, BuildPalestine Over the past months, we’ve received numerous questions about ways to volunteer in Palestine, both virtually and in person. We teamed up with Sawaed19, a web-based platform which connects volunteers worldwide with...

قائمة بحملات الإغاثة والمنظمات التي يمكنك التبرع لها لدعم فلسطين

لقد غمرنا بكمية رسائل التضامن والدعم التي تلقيناها من الأصدقاء في جميع أنحاء العالم. وقد تواصل العديد منكم ليسألوا كيف يمكنكم دعم فلسطين خلال هذه الفترة، لذلك قمنا بتجميع قائمة بالمنظمات والحملات التي يمكنك التبرع لها. كما سنشارك بعض الفرص البديلة للمساعدة، بما في ذلك...

Trusted organizations to donate to Palestine

We’re overwhelmed with all the messages of solidarity and support we’ve been receiving from friends all over the world. Several of you reached out to ask how you can support Palestine during this time, so we’ve compiled a list of organizations and campaigns you can...

Meet Lama Amr, BuildPalestine’s Executive Director

We interviewed Lama Amr, BuildPalestine’s new Executive Director, to learn more about her, and her vision for the organization. Here’s how it went. Lama, can you describe your journey with BuildPalestine? I started with BuildPalestine as an intern in 2016 when I was...

This is where uMake Co-working Space is a year and a half after their crowdfunding campaign

We sat down (via Zoom) with Daoud Ghannam, founder of uMake to talk about the impact of the crowdfunding campaign they ran a little over a year later. uMake’s crowdfunding campaign concluded in August 2019, and raised over $10,000 USD. At the time, the uMake team was...

Sunbula’s Covid-19 relief campaign helped 8 partner producer groups in Palestine – here’s the story

We "Zoomed" with Shirabe, Executive Director at Sunbula, who was all the way in Japan during the time of the call, to hear about the results of their latest crowdfunding campaign.  Sunbula is a Jerusalem-based fair trade organization that supports artisan groups, and...

Here’s How Raseel Association Supported Children with Autism During The Pandemic

We spoke with Alaa’ Halayka, founder and general manager at Raseel Association, to check in on the outcome of their crowdfunding campaign – here’s that story.   Raseel Association is a Ramallah-based non-profit which provides therapy programs for children...

الريادة المجتمعية والاقتصاد الاجتماعي التضامني في فلسطين

أنهت مؤسسة بلدبالستاين حملة “مبتكرو المتوسط من أجل التضامن” والعمل مشترك مع مجموعة من القادة الشباب في منطقة المتوسط. بعد مخيم دام خمسة أيام في تشرين أول من العام السابق، أتممنا المشروع مع نهاية شهر يناير. شاركنا في نقاش وبناء قدرات حول موضوع تحديات الاقتصاد الاجتماعي...

16 Palestinian Establishments to Shop at This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, a time we tend to consume and shop more. We’ve compiled a list of 16 Palestinian establishments you can shop at this season to support ethical, fair-trade, and eco consumption. (Not all of the following provide international shipping,...

The Social Innovation Summit… “It was like coming home”

Hundreds of people around the world (741 to be exact!) came together for two full days to be part of the first Social Innovation Summit in Palestine, and believe us when we say we truly felt each person’s presence and energy. The event left us feeling inspired and...

“What I like most about BuildPalestine is that it is a youth-led initiative…the mission is in its name. BuildPalestine is creating a community for people who simply want to help and hear about each other’s work.



“Working with BuildPalestine was a fantastic experience. First of all, it is a local, Palestinian initiative. Second, we received intimate support with constructive, and useful advice.” 


Director of Sunbula