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Did you know?

There are approximately 12 million Palestinians around the world, 6 million of which are in the Diaspora
The largest Palestinian population outside of the Middle East is in Chile. Around 500,000 Palestinians live in Chile. Many emigrated in the 1920s, before the Nakba.
There are 19 refugee camps in the West Bank in Palestine.
Approximately 28% of students at Birzeit University need financial aid.
The majority of students at Palestinian universities are female
You can get the best knafeh in Palestine in Nablus.
The oldest city in the world is Jericho, Palestine
In 2017, Palestine’s trade balance was negative $840M
The Palestinian traditional dress is called a Thobe. To get a custom hand-made thobe could cost you up to a couple of thousands of dollars!
The biggest city in Palestine in Gaza
Hebron is considered the “Economic Powerhouse” of Palestine