About us

BuildPalestine is an online platform that connects supporters around the world with local nonprofits and social enterprises in Palestine. We aspire to be the #1 address when supporters all around the world ask the question: “How can I support Palestine?”

Are you familiar with the circus school in Palestine? Or the Palestinian Museum for Natural History? What about the team that organized the first marathon in Palestine? Palestine is known for its resilience, and each day, our community chooses hope in the face of hardships, doing what we can to respond to the needs on the ground.

Started in 2016, BuildPalestine was introduced as the first Palestinian crowdfunding platform to provide an alternative means of funding for local communities in Palestine. Our team works on the ground to support grassroots efforts to not only run successful crowdfunding campaigns, but also connect with resources and opportunities to make their social enterprise or nonprofit a success. Working to promote social innovation, BuildPalestine has become an address for local social entrepreneurs to build, connect, and collaborate.

Today, we have grown to become both a local and global community of supporters passionate about building Palestine from the ground up. The term ‘build Palestine’ means something different to everyone. Together we make up a movement of Palestinians and non-Palestinians who are committed to real impact directly from the community. We believe anything is possible when our community comes together

Learn more about what we do here.

Get to know the BuildPalestine team

Our team is a unique mix of creative talents spread out across Ramallah, Gaza, and Washington D.C. We are committed to providing you with the latest opportunities to build Palestine.

Besan Abu-Joudeh
Development economist. Believes in possibility.
Derrar Ghanem
Chief Outreach Officer
Socially schooled. Driven by equal opportunity.
Mahran Ismail
Designer. Determined to leave a mark.
Lama Amr
Chief Operations Officer
Mobilizes the crowd. Enthusiastic by nature.
Wajed Afaneh
Technical Lead
Senior software engineer. Working to build a better future.
Ali Wihaidi
Digital Marketing Associate
Digital marketer. Culturally curious, and in pursuit of a better tomorrow.
Mays Kuhail
Program Coordinator
Passionate about change. Committed to social justice.

We are always expanding, and we welcome volunteers from all over the world to collaborate with us. Want to be part of the team? Contact Us

What do we do

At our essence, BuildPalestine is all about community. We believe in mobilizing the power of the crowd.

At BuildPalestine, we work in two main areas. We support local changemakers in Palestine to connect with the resources needed to maximize impact, by helping them run crowdfunding campaigns, connect with experts, and collaborate through our BUILDx social entrepreneurship series.

Globally, we are building a network of Palestine supporters to help these projects by donating to their crowdfunding campaigns, volunteering with them, or delivering expert workshops to support their work. We create these opportunities for our global audiences to support, creating a value chain. Supporters can now connect with BuildPalestine via our Global Membership Network.

Our impact

With the help of our global community of supporters, we have raised over $300,000 for local social change-makers and creators through our fundraising efforts for Palestine.


Success Stories

Raseel raised $15,000 to install a sensory room to treat children with Autism. Today, they provide therapy sessions for 21 children and run around 35 sessions per week. Raseel is also able to offer therapy sessions at a much lower price than other centers in the area thanks to the funds they received from the campaign. Click here to know more.

Sunbox crowdfunded $60,000 to subsidize the installation of 65 solar systems - providing electricity for over 800 people in Gaza, which currently only receives 4 hours of electricity a day due to the Israeli blockade. Click here to know more.

How do we measure our impact?

Our two main metrics for measuring impact are:

  • How many supporters were mobilized in supporting our social impact projects in Palestine
  • How many local social entrepreneurs have been empowered through BuildPalestine

Learn how you can be a part of this impact by joining our global network here .


  • Membership Network
    Why invest in BuildPalestine?

    Your investment contribution will help us scale our current work, allowing us to execute more crowdfunding campaigns, offer more consultancies to grassroots initiatives, reach a larger audience internationally, connect more diaspora groups with Palestine, translate the BuildPalestine website to more languages, and conduct more social entrepreneurship programs.

    Why we do what we do?

    We are inspired by people working to solve social challenges in different spaces. We believe in the people working on the gorund and making a change to create a better Palestine.

    Am I able to contribute a different amount than the suggested $50?

    Yes. Once you check out, you will be invited to add an additional contribution to BuildPalestine, which we will greatly appreciate!

    What are the additional perks of joining the investing in BuildPalestine?

    We want you to feel connected and empowered. In addition to knowing that you are supporting Palestine’s only community for impact, BuildPalestine will: - Connect you to local organizations and advise on donations - Facilitate introductions to other members of the network - Offer a 1-on-1 consultation for your social impact project in Palestine

    What is our annual budget?

    Our annual operations costs are $150,000. These vover are running costs, and salaries for eight team members.

    What happens if we raise more than our operational costs?

    We work with a variety of impact projects year round. We have an Impact Committee on our advisory board which helps us decide where which of our projects extra funds can be funnelled towards.

    Can I cancel my support to BuildPalestine?

    Of course you can. If you would like to cancel your support, email [email protected]

  • Crowdfunding Campaigns
    What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a means to fund a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. The internet is an especially powerful tool for this, as it allows you to easily reach a global audience. Who funds the crowdfunding projects? Everyone!

    How does BuildPalestine support crowdfunding projects?

    BuildPalestine works with projects from concept development all the way to impact measurement. If your project is accepted to the platform, we will work with you to design the crowdfunding campaign, teach you how to mobilize your network, and share your campaign with our growing network. 

    What type of crowdfunding projects does BuildPalestine support?

    We support projects that will make an impact on the community, not just an individual.

    What are the criteria for a project to be selected?

    We look for the following criteria when selecting projects:

    - Impact-driven: We work with projects that present solutions with a social impact for the community.
    - Innovative: We look for projects that present a creative solution to solve a specific problem.
    - Sustainable: We look for projects that are sustainable and will be able to continue operations.
    - Transparent: We work with projects to maximize transparency to supporters and establish a sense of trust.
    - Track Record: We work with individuals or organizations with a track record and are well trusted by the community. 

    How can I apply to crowdfund with BuildPalestine?

    Does your social enterprise meet the criteria above? Apply here. Your campaign will be reviewed by our crowdfunding committee and we will review your application, which can take up to 2 weeks. 

    How are funds collected?

    We do not handle any of the payments directly. Contributions are processed through LaunchGood, our official crowdfunding partner.

    Do you offer an offline payment solution?

    Yes, you can donate directly to our projects in cash. All cash donations are added as offline donations on LaunchGood.

    If I do not meet my goal, do I receive the money pledged?

    Yes! You will receive the amount raised, and we will still follow up to trace the impact of your project. 

    Is there a limit to the amount I can raise?

    No, but we want you to be successful! In the campaign design, we help you set a goal for your campaign depending on your project idea and network. We also help you set a stretch goal in case you exceed your goal.

    Is there a fee for using the platform?

    We run all our crowdfunding campaigns on LaunchGood, which has a standard fee of 8% (5% platform fee, and 3% processing fee). However, LaunchGood supporters have the option to also donate the 8% fee and from our experience, most donors do so! The average fee on Launchgood is 2.7%.

    BuildPalestine charges another 5% fee on the online contributions collected. It is important to mention that there is a 10% cap, meaning the total fees for any project will never exceed 10%. 

    Why am I redirected to LaunchGood once I hit the support button?

    Given the fact that we no longer collect and transfer the funds to the organizations, we partnered with LaunchGood, a U.S. based crowdfunding platform, where the money is collected and transferred directly to the project. 

    How do you follow up with projects after the campaign?

    After a project is successfully completed, our team stays in contact with the organisation or creator to follow up on how the donations have helped in making an impact. We share the results of their crowdfunding efforts through our impact blogs articles and update donors who have supported the project.

  • For Nonprofits and Social Enterprises
    How do you vet organizations on your platform?

    BuildPalesitne features a wide variety of organizations on our platform, including local nonprofits, social enterprises, and new initiatives. We aim to share with you the coolest, most active projects making a difference in Palestine. While a wide range of organizations is invited to be featured on our platform, there are specific criteria to run a crowdfunding campaign.

    Can my organization be featured on the BuildPalestine Directory?

    Apply to have your organization featured here. Transparency, track record, and impact are our criteria to approve your organization or social enterprise. 

    How does my organization benefit from being on BuildPalestine’s platform?

    Our goal is to help you share your story with a wider community and connect with resources. On the BuildPalestine platform, you will be able to announce volunteering opportunities, run crowdfunding campaigns, get invited to exclusive workshops & learning opportunities, be featured in our blogs, and get connected to other organizations on the platform. All of this is intended to help you maximize your impact! 

  • For Supporters
    How can I support social impact in Palestine?

    There are a ton of inspiring people in Palestine doing critical work in their communities. Let us know what type of impact you are looking to support, and we can connect you with the right organization, which you can support through either a financial or non-financial contribution. 

    I am looking to support something that isn’t on your platform, what should I do?

    Email our team ([email protected])! We are here to help you find the right local partner to see the impact that you want to be a part of. 

    How do you follow up with projects after the campaign?

    After a project is successfully completed, our team stays in contact with the organisation or creator to follow up on how the donations have helped in making an impact. We share the results of their crowdfunding efforts through our impact blog articles and update donors who have supported the project.

    What is my reward for funding projects?

    Contributing to social impact work in Palestine! Once successfully funded, every project will follow up to share its impact with supporters. Some may also choose to offer creative rewards that you can claim when you contribute.  

    Why am I redirected to LaunchGood once I hit the support button?

    Given the fact that we no longer collect and transfer the funds to the organizations, we partnered with LaunchGood, a US based crowdfunding platform, where the money is collected and transferred directly to the project. 

  • Other
    I have an idea for a social impact project, what should I do next?

    Attend our bi-monthly office hours to meet our team, and share your idea! We will help point you down the right path.  

    How can I collaborate with BuildPalestine?

    We love collaboration! Get in touch and we'd love to hear from you! 

    How is BuildPalestine registered?

    BuildPalestine is registered with the Ministry of National Economy as a Nonprofit Company. We also have fiscal sponsorship in the US through the Social Good Fund.

    My organization offers funding and grant opportunities. Can I promote them with BuildPalestine?

    You can email our team ([email protected]) to let us know if you have any funding opportunities you’d like to advertise.

    Can BuildPalestine offer training or consultations?

    BuildPalestine also offers consultancies as a service. We can help in the following topics: crowdfunding, impact measurement, vision, and mission identification, online presence. We take an HCD (Human-centered design) approach for all our consultancies. 

    How can I stay updated on Social Entrepreneurship in Palestine?

    Subscribe to our mailing list, and we will send you the latest projects from Palestine. Also, if you are in Palestine, you can attend our monthly BUILDx events which aim to introduce concepts in Social Entrepreneurship. Follow our Facebook page, where we announce all events. 


BuildPalestine does not have openings currently.

Do you want to volunteer?
We’ve had volunteers join us from across the globe. Get in touch with us [email protected] to inquire about volunteering opportunities.

Privacy Policy

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How we collect your information:
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