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What is Buildpalestine?

Are you familiar with the circus school in Palestine? Or the Palestinian Museum for Natural History? What about the team that organized the first marathon in Palestine? Palestine is known for its resilience, and every day, our community chooses hope in the face of hardships, doing what we can to respond to the needs on the ground.

Founded in 2016, BuildPalestine was introduced as the first Palestinian crowdfunding platform to provide an alternative means of funding for local communities in Palestine. Our team works on the ground to support grassroots efforts to not only run successful crowdfunding campaigns, but also connect with resources and opportunities to make their social enterprise or nonprofit a success. 

Today, we have grown to become a global community of supporters passionate about building Palestine from the ground up. The term ‘build Palestine’ means something different to everyone. Together we make up a movement of Palestinians and non-Palestinians who are committed to real impact directly from the community. We believe anything is possible when our community comes together.

Our Mission & Values

We believe people are the answer.Our mission is to build a global community that is connected to and supports the most innovative and impactful projects in Palestine.

Social Innovation

We look for new and innovative approaches to tackle social challenges


We work with the aim of seeing positive change in our community


We bring together a variety of stakeholders and are building a global community

Meet Our Team

Besan - CEO

Development economist. Believes in possibility.

Mahran - Designer

Designer. Determined to leave a mark.

Lama - COO

Mobilizes the crowd. Enthusiastic by nature.

Wajed - Technical Lead

Senior software engineer. Working to build a better future.

Mays - Community Coordinator

Writer. Passionate about change. Committed to social justice.

Ali - Community Coordinator

Digital marketer. Culturally curious, and in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Advisory Board

Sara- Chairperson

Communications and External Affairs Manager at Co-Impact


Global Business and Partnerships Development & Startup Ecosystem Builder


Vice President @ Health Leads | EMEA Talent & Strategy Consulting


Designer. Determined to leave a mark.


Co-founder and design thinking facilitator


Private Sector Development/ Refugee Investment and Matchmaking Platform


International consultant – advocacy and foreign policy


Visiting Fellow at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Volunteers & Interns

Rafeef - Communication & Social Media

Inquisitive mind. Working for a better today.

Nisreen - Content Creation

Passionate about aiding others.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know so you can feel like a part of the family

Why join BuildPalestine?

If you believe that it is time to build the Palestine we all want to see, then join us. Our mission is to build a global community to support the most innovative and impactful projects in Palestine.

How can I support social impact in Palestine?

There are a ton of inspiring people in Palestine doing critical work in their communities. Let us know what type of impact you are looking to support and we can connect you with the right organization. You can offer your support through financial or non-financial contributions. 

Why social innovation, not social entrepreneurship?

Social Innovation is about the community finding creative solutions to unfulfilled social problems. While social entrepreneurship emphasizes the need to leverage market forces, we recognize that social change in Palestine can take different forms, and requires various actors to come together to tackle systemic challenges that the State or the market are not able to fix alone.

Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool to decentralize the traditional donor model. It allows a large number of people to contribute small amounts of funds, ultimately providing the project with the funds needed to make an impact. 

How do you select organizations to feature on your platform?

BuildPalestine features a wide variety of organizations on our platform, including local nonprofits, social enterprises and new initiatives. We aim to share with you the coolest, most active projects making a difference in Palestine. 

How is BuildPalestine registered?

BuildPalestine is registered with the Ministry of National Economy as a Nonprofit Company. We also have fiscal sponsorship in the US through the Social Good Fund.

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