Our Story

Have you come here asking, “how can I support Palestine?”

If you answered yes, then it is our mission to connect you with trusted and innovative ways to make an impact in Palestine.

Locally, our team is committed to finding the most innovative, social impact projects that are making a difference for the Palestinian cause.

Globally, our team uses the latest tools in digital marketing to connect with supporters around the world and engage with them virtually.

Why BuildPalestine?

On our platform, you will find opportunities to make an impact by either supporting a crowdfunding campaign or volunteering with an organization. We want you to feel connected to Palestine and to know that there are many opportunities for you to make an impact.

Meet the Team

Besan Abu-Joudeh
Development economist. Believes in possibility.
Derrar Ghanem
Chief Outreach Officer
Socially schooled. Driven by equal opportunity.
Mahran Ismail
Designer. Determined to leave a mark.
Lama Amr
Chief Operations Officer
Mobilizes the crowd. Enthusiastic by nature.
Wajed Afaneh
Technical Lead
Senior software engineer. Working to build a better future.
Ali Wihaidi
Digital Marketing Associate
Digital marketer. Culturally curious, and in pursuit of a better tomorrow.
Mays Kuhail
Program Coordinator
Passionate about change. Committed to social justice.

Advisory Board

Sara Husseini (Chairperson)
is a former governmental advisor specializing in strategic communications and international relations. She currently consults on a number of projects relating to Palestinian affairs.
Mohenad Itayim
is a “double-bottom line" investor at Sadara Ventures, a $30M fund investing in technology companies based in Palestine. Mohenad is an active and successful private equity, real estate and technology investor.
Rami Shuaib (Treasurer)
is the director of finance, administration and HR at the International Legal Foundation- West Bank. Rami is graduate of the Keller Graduate School of Management where he studied Accounting and Finance.
Tareq Khalaf
is a human-centred designer with Design Without Borders, a Norwegian firm working at the intersection of design and development in Uganda. He believes in a co-creative and community-based approach to problem solving that enables people to imagine beyond the limits of what was thought possible.
Aziza Musa
leads consulting and executive search engagements for public and private sector clients in the EMEA region. She has deep expertise in human capital, operations, and revenue acquisition. Previously, Aziza served as the Managing Director of Partnerships for BetterLesson, an EdTech startup, and as Managing Director of Development for Teach For America.
Casey Asprooth-Jackson
is an educator and film maker from Rochester, NY. He teaches Media Studies at Al Quds Bard College, is an associate producer with Ramallah-based production company Idioms Film, and the program manager for Future Logic.
Jennifer Atala
advises entrepreneurs, private businesses and associations in the Palestinian community in business development, B2B marketing, and strategy. Prior experience includes work with management consulting and software development firms, the International Finance Corporation, and USAID. She is an active yoga teacher, and is based between Ramallah and Haifa.