10 Organizations to give Zakat to this Ramadan

The holy month is a time to reflect and strengthen one’s relationship with God, but it’s also a time for giving and strengthening community relations. This is especially necessary during a global pandemic, where communities worldwide are struggling to survive. One of Ramadan’s main elements is Zakat, a monetary contribution given to help those in need. Zakat can be given directly to people, or to organizations who work with people in need. 

We’ve put together a diversified list of 10 organizations and initiatives to give Zakat to this Ramadan.You will find everything from small grassroots initiatives to international organizations, all doing important work to support the Palestinian community. 

Also, if you’re interested, we’re holding an online event to talk about Zakat and hear from local experts and organizations about giving in Ramadan. Register here!


Qawareb is another initiative that provides necessities to families in need in Palestine. The volunteer-based youth led initiative have been working year-round for the past 7 years. Since the country-wide lockdown began, they started working both online and offline to both raise awareness about COVID-19, and to provide packages of supplies to families and individuals across Palestine affected by current conditions. 

In a conversation with Azad, a volunteer at Qawareb, we were informed that during this time, people don’t solely need the basics (sugar, rice, flour), they also need supplies like formula, diapers, sanitary pads, and electricity. Everyone is passing out packages, but many specific and personal needs are forgone in the process. The volunteer group at Qawareb have conversations with people when they pass out a package to find out what else they need, and attempt to provide it. We’re trying to bring back the concept of Ouneh (or giving), said Azad.

To reach out to Qawareb, visit their Facebook page here


This Ramadan, UNRWA USA is running a campaign to raise money to provide food for refugee families in Gaza. At the same time, UNRWA is raising awareness about Gaza’s food security crisis, and humanitarian crisis at large. 

The campaign is run alongside other organizations and community influencers and advocates, has so far raised close to $209,000. One of their fundraising partners is Habibi Worldwide, who are supporting UNRWA’s efforts. See how you can help here.

In’ash Alosra إنعاش الأسرة

In’ash Alosra is one of the most renowned organizations in Palestine. The organization has an ongoing campaign titled #قادر_اذا_بادر which is providing food, money, and basic necessities for families in need this Ramadan. You can support their efforts in providing for local Palestinian families in Ramallah and Al-Bireh. Get in touch with the organization through their Facebook page, or use the campaign’s WhatsApp number +970599045882.

United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)

UPA is running the #WeFastWeGive campaign this Ramadan to help tackle the effects of COVID-19. With the help of people’s donations this Ramadan, they were able to provide food and hygienic supplies. You can help them reach more families with a donation here.


ANERA has done a few virtual iftars with Palestinian influencers such as Amer Zahr 

According to Anera’s website, your Zakat contributions will go towards their medical aid and food assistance programs. So if you decide to give your Zakat to ANERA, know that it will go to helping the organization distribute medical and food packages to different refugee communities in need in Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon. 

Give your Zakat to Anera here.

El Nas Laba’d الناس لبعض 

This is a youth initiative in Ramallah, which started with the hope to help families affected by current conditions in Palestine. They receive donations from individuals and families, and in turn provide packages to affected families in the Ramallah area. They’ve been able to provide hundreds of packages so far. Get in touch with the organizers through their active Facebook page.

Middle East Children Alliance (MECA)

MECA is working on a project to help raise $6,250 to support Palestinian women protecting their communities. As little as $12.5 can provide 10 masks for women in Dheisheh refugee camp, who turned their embroidery workshop into a mask-making project. They’re producing masks for people in the camp community, all while earning some extra income to support their families. MECA is less than $1,000 from their goal, help them reach it via this campaign.


Raseel is a Ramallah-based non-profit which provides therapy for children with autism-related learning difficulties. It’s one of the first organizations in Palestine to specialize in treating children with such learning difficulties, and the first to provide sensory therapy through specialized rooms. The organization is able to help tens of children, as well as their families. 

Today, more than ever, Raseel needs the community’s help. They lack the necessary funding to continue their operations, especially considering the current conditions with regards to COVID-19. They had to temporarily shut down their center during the Coronavirus pandemic, and are currently not receiving revenue from therapy sessions

To help out, get in touch with the organization via their Facebook page or directly email the CEO Ala Hayaka at [email protected].

Al Bireh Society 

Al Bireh Society is a US-based organization that brings together Palestinians (specifically from Al Bireh) in the United States. The society has created a relief fund to provide medical supplies and support, food, and emergency relief to Al Bireh residents who are affected by COVID-19. To donate, you can visit www.albirehsociety.org or email Al Bireh Society at [email protected]

Tkeyet Ibraheem (تكية ابراهيم) in Hebron

This volunteer-run charity association has been operating since 1279, yes you read that right! Ever since then, they’ve been providing food for individuals and families in need in the Hebron area. In Ramadan, they continue to cook and provide Iftar to anyone who comes in and asks for it. The Tkeye relies on donations from people year-round. And during the holy month, you can donate your Zakat to help provide food for those in need. The model of the Tkeye has been replicated in other cities in Palestine, a truly beautiful tradition.