A Creative Product Supports Palestinian Entrepreneurship

We Palestinians, always value our patterns, heritage, and symbols. Not a single day passes by without having Palestinian artistry take place in different daily life activities. But what if it can go far and beyond?

This past April, Habibi Worldwide ran a campaign that aims to sell socks designed with Palestinian patterns and symbols. Habibi Worldwide vision went beyond selling socks. In fact, it was more of a support to the Palestinian cause and people.

Two months after the completion of the campaign, the BuildPalestine team met with Hani Azzam (Founder of Habibi Worldwide) to follow up with the impact of their campaign on both the corporate level and the Palestinian community.

Introducing Habibi Worldwide

Habibi Worldwide is a small brand, founded in 2018 that aims to achieve the big goal of introducing international designs into the American market and use the proceeds to support entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Since founding the brand, Habibi wanted to spread the message of Palestinians by using a new and creative way of building awareness which is fashion. They chose socks as a product and decided to use Palestinian patterns as designs. They believe that Palestinian patterns bring a bold statement of Palestinian artistry and entrepreneurship to the communities across the world.

PaliSocks by Habibi Worldwide

Habibi Worldwide ran the campaign (PaliSocks by Habibi Worldwide) for two months, from April to May 2019. The campaign goal was to introduce two new designs to their product line (both designs are inspired by Palestinian patterns) and to support specific projects that support entrepreneurship in Palestine. 144 supporters have donated to the campaign and eventually raised nearly $8000.

Campaign’s Impact on the Palestinian Community and Palestinian Entrepreneurship

Habibi Worldwide has kept their promise to support Palestinian entrepreneurship and allocated $500 to the expansion of uMake (Palestine’s leading coworking space and the home for Palestine’s entrepreneurs).

Habibi’s product has increased curiosity among the American people to explore more about entrepreneurship in Palestine and discover possible ways to contribute and support the improvement process of the sector.

In addition, The campaign built more awareness among people in the US and Europe on the Palestinian cause and have them more involved with Palestinian-related topics and issues whether online or offline.

Campaign’s Impact on Habibi Worldwide Corporate Level

The campaign resulted in selling 390 pairs of socks people from all over the world, having them worn them in different occasions where unique and different designs differentiate them from others and drive the attention of other people to the story behind these socks.

A part of the amount raised was allocated to advertising for new designs for the product and attend events where the brand can be unleashed with different people. They attended the Arab Cultural Festival in Boston where they had the chance to share and spread awareness about the Palestinian culture with many people. In addition, another part of the amount was spent on Habibi’s inventory of products and materials that were used for new designs.

Future Endeavours 

Habibi Worldwide is aiming in the meantime to increase its audience and supporters base in the US. Habibi also aims to raise money for the Global Entrepreneurship Week / Palestine that will take place between 18 and 24/November, 2019. And finally, commission for new designs that are going to be inspired by Palestinian patterns.