Learnings from our BuildPalestine Launch Campaign!

After weeks of hard work and sleepless nights,  our team at BuildPalestine is proud to see our launch campaign come to an end. We have not only run a crowdfunding campaign (actually 5 if you count each project) but also launched a crowdfunding platform!

As we ask each other whether or not we were “successful”, we remind ourselves of the reason we started this project– to make an impact on the ground. What does impact look like to us? It’s a Palestine where everyone contributes to building impact– either by solving problems or sharing resources–a Palestine where tomorrow is better than today.


And thus, we have refined our model to reflect this:

Crowdsolve + Crowdfund = Crowdbuild

As we move  forward, we will not only be asking people for ideas, but also engaging them around specific problems through our online portal and offline events (trainings and hackathons).


Our vision for BuildPalestine is to create an oasis of believers and doers by implementing the best practices in social entrepreneurship in order to create tangible change.


Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged us along the way! This will be a learning process and we welcome any and all comments and suggestions.


Our 4+1 Launch Campaign raised just under $20,000 through your generous support!The funds collected will be used to support 2 projects that we are very proud of. Our first campaign, in Gaza, which has raised $5,408.50, will provide over 350 homes with first-aid kits and proper first-aid training, while the second, which has raised $5,431.80, offers a scholarship to a young refugee woman through the Clarke Education Foundation. The remaining amount pledged ($8,842.40) will go to BuildPalestine’s launch.