The Highlights of 2016 in Palestine

2016 has been a great year to us all! In fact, it’s been extra special for us in Palestine. Check out some of the most memorable moments from this year, and find out why we’re looking forward to next year!

The Palestinian inventor, Yara Najdi

Yara Najdi, a fresh graduate from UC Berkeley, won a $1 million dollar prize for her high -impact invention, an industrial structure that enables people who suffer from Hemiplegia to walk without the need for a wheelchair. Her goal is to design a device that eases the suffering of the Palestinian victims.

Hanan Al Hroub, Winner Of Global Teacher Prize 2016

Hanan Al Hroub, a second-grade teacher at Samiha Khalil Secondary School, is the winner of the Global Teacher Prize for 2016. She was selected from a pool of 8,000 candidates and a final shortlist of 10 from across the world.

Adyan Aqel, The Palestinian Ambassador of Creativity

Adyan Aqel, the Palestinian Ambassador of Creativity, possess the ability to know all the days of the calendar years starting from the first year up to a million in less than three seconds.The Minister of Higher Education gave her the title of The Champion of The Arab World in Intelligence.

Talaih Al-Amal High School, the best reading initiative in the region

The Palestinian school, Talaih Al Amal, has been placed first among 30,000 participating schools and won the $1m prize for the Best Reading Initiative in the Middle East. The have registered an exceptional performance through high quality planning and well-organized motivation exercises. The school has allocated 20 minutes daily for free reading and summarizing of books by the students and proactively printed 3,000 reading passports at its own expense to gain time while waiting to receive the original passports from the Arab Reading Challenge team.

The Palestinian inventor, Ahmad Sajdeye

Ahmad Sajdeyah has created an industrial arm that he personally printed with a 3D printer. He developed it to receive commands from the sensory muscles, enabling the palm of the hand to move, according to these commands. He hopes to develop it to become easier and more in-tune with the human body.