This Organization Provides the Coolest Volunteering Opportunities in Palestine - Meet Volunteer Palestine

Considering volunteering in Palestine? 

You should! Palestine is a common destination for many volunteers. There’s so much to be done, and there are many inspiring projects that you can partake in. In this blog, we’re featuring a really cool organization which offers amazing volunteering opportunities for individuals from all over the world.

Meet Volunteer Palestine

What is Volunteer Palestine?

Volunteer Palestine is a West Bank based organization, which provides volunteer community engagement programs in Palestine. The organization has welcomed over 450 volunteers from countries like the UK, Denmark, Australia, Chile, Singapore, USA, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and France over the past few years. They offer a variety of programs, the majority of which run between two weeks and three months in both Hebron and Bethlehem in Palestine. 

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I’m interested, but…

There’s always a “but” when it comes to Palestine. Visitors and tourists often have concerns, many of which are valid. So here are your frequent concerns: addressed.

No, you don’t need to speak Arabic to volunteer in Palestine

A common concern for many volunteers and visitors is the potential language barrier. Fortunately, that’s not something to worry about when volunteering in Palestine. 

Yes, Arabic is the first language for most Palestinians, but you’ll find that almost everyone in Palestine speaks English, even older people. 

Yes, it is safe for you to be in “the region” or “the area”

Millions of tourists come to Palestine every year without experiencing any problems. As an international visitor you will be made very welcome in Palestine. The political situation remains highly charged however and you will want to check your countries travel advice for any specific recommendations before you travel. Volunteer Palestine will also be happy to discuss this with you in advance to answer any questions you may have. 

Visa shouldn’t be an issue

The Palestinian Authority cannot grant visas, but you can get one through Israel - which will allow you to stay in Palestine as well. Tourist visas are issued for a period of up to three months. Citizens of several countries such as the US, Canada, and Europe, can get a visa upon arrival. 

Volunteer Palestine provides you with all the pre-departure information you need prior to coming here.

So what programs are available?

Almost too many to choose from! Check out the list of programs: there’s something for everyone! Volunteer Palestine offers a flexible experience based around your skills and what you want to get out of your time in Palestine. If you’re not sure which of the programs suit you best then they would be happy to discuss options with you.

1 - Agriculture

Agriculture still plays a huge role in Palestinians’ daily lives, as well as the economy. Many families in Palestine rely solely on their agricultural products for sustenance. One way you can get involved is by exploring Palestine’s agricultural heritage is through volunteering in olive picking and planting. Olive trees have economic and symbolic importance for Palestinians. 

2 - Art and Design

We told you there was something for everyone!

There are so many ways to get creative. You can volunteer by contributing to street art in refugee camps, which is a common way to beautify the camp environment. Another way to get involved is through Palestinian embroidery workshops, and up-cycling projects and work alongside Palestinian artists to better understand Palestinian art and culture.