BuildPalestine Summit

October 1-2, 2021








The BuildPalestine Social Innovation Summit is a global (virtual) gathering of dreamers and doers, coming together to imagine, build, and celebrate. Join us, to inspire and be inspired by what can be accomplished when our community comes together.

2021 Summit Theme: Harvesting our Community’s Power, Cultivating Pathways

Last year we imagined. Join us this year as we harvest.

In Palestine, the large majority of the population are under 35. Our younger demographic is redefining resilience in the face of a global pandemic, a failed political system, and a foreign occupation imposed since the moment we were born.

The 2021 Intifada (uprising) has demonstrated that Palestinians are in charge of our own narrative and reshaping our own vision for a free Palestine. We rose across Palestine – from Jerusalem to Gaza, Haifa to Ramallah. We marched to the borders of Jordan and Lebanon and as Diaspora around the world, united, with a revived hope for our future. We demonstrated that our struggle is one about shared and universal values – it is intergenerational, interfaith, intersectional.

What does this mean for the future of Palestine? Who are the changemakers on the ground? And what are our next steps as Palestinians and allies?

Join the conversation on October 1 and 2, 2021 to inspire, be inspired, and take action.

Call for Speakers

We welcome individuals from around the world to apply to speak at BuildPalestine Summit. All applications will be reviewed by a board and you will receive a response by August 1st.


Deadline to submit a proposal


Deadline to accept/reject proposals