Electrosteen: an electronic celebration of Palestinian heritage

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ELECTROSTEEN aims to present an alternative vision of Palestine, one nurtured through the eyes of its most compelling contemporary musical producers. For the last half-century and longer, Palestine has been viewed almost exclusively -both regionally and internationally- through the camera lens of war, occupation, in-fighting, and humanitarian strife. Through this innovative program of musical creation, ELECTROSTEEN aims to challenge that over-determined, over-politicized image, and to shed a spotlight on Palestine's cultural vitality and relevance in the contemporary world. At the international level, it is needless to say how much of the already long history of rave culture fascinates techno enthusiasts all around the world. Much has been written filmed and recorded about the birth of underground movements in all corners of the world, including Detroit, Berlin, and the UK. Through electronic music, those places saw the birth of artistic communities with many grievances and political messages, that left a deep and long-lasting cultural and social mark.