Embroidery from Palestine: An Instruction Manual

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This instruction manual teaches 16 stitching techniques of Palestinian embroidery, documented from elderly women before disappearing: the popular cross-stitching plus techniques that only a few people use today. Pre-order a copy for yourself, friend and family. Join us in making a wider social impact by supporting our distribution and training workshops in Palestine and beyond! THE PLAN: Print, Distribute, Train! We are now working to make this book a reality. With your help, we will be able to print and distribute the manual, and hold training workshops! Our first goal is to print 1000 copies. Once reached, Sunbula will organize distribution and training workshops at women’s groups, community centers and cultural institutions across Palestine. We will teach the 16 stitching techniques to women who support their families through embroidery work, young artists, and designers. Our aim is to stir renewed interest in this authentic heritage by reintroducing and encouraging the use of these techniques.