Help Establish a Palestinian Cultural Scene in the Triangle

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The indigenous Palestinian society in the Triangle Area in 1948 Palestine is subject to institutional oppression which leads it to suffer from a dire socio-economic reality. Consequently, youth, artists, students, and women lack spaces adept to meet the basic requirements for social, cultural and political engagement and production. As a result, these sectors' potential and talent, which is ultimately vital for the region’s social and cultural transformation, are either marginalized, radicalized or departed in the process of searching for opportunities elsewhere. Resistance The vision behind initiating an Alternative Space was born from the need to develop an independent and multi-dimensional platform that provides students, youth and artists with a welcoming space that facilitates networking, encourages and supports local artistic production, while promoting access to vibrant cultural engagement for the public in the Triangle. This includes services ranging from running an academic book-shop cafe to an available advanced media system for movie screenings. This vision intends to catalyze a cultural movement which fundamentally impacts a shift in dominant social discourse, from consumption to production; from dependence to independence.