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What is

Menha in Arabic means scholarship, and that’s what the platform aims to offer. is an interactive platform on which in-need student profiles are created, and where supporters can go to donate. This way, Menha links Palestinian university students in need with the Palestinian Diaspora, businessmen, and the private sector.  Through the platform, supporters can access a safe and trusted channel to help their community, and students are granted financial aid to complete their university education. is created as part of Esnad organization's mission to fight poverty in education.  

Menha is an innovative solution to the lack of access to education.

How can supporters help?

Now, the platform is 85% ready, we are almost done with the technical development, the platform still needs some features, content, and marketing. And we need $5,000 to finish the needed technical development and make sure the platform is ready to launch at the end of this summer. Any extra funds we get over the $5,000 will go to support students on the platform.


Esnad organization currently receives over 500 applications for financial aid per semester. Esnad’s current capacity can only provide scholarships for 20 of those 500 students. Fundraising for these scholarships comes from local individual supporters and the private sector. 

Esnad wants to amplify its ability to provide scholarships to enable a larger number of Palestinians from gaining access to higher education through creating


The platform will ensure and verify every student and supporter on the platform. We verify students through documentation and making sure they didn’t receive a scholarship from another source, to avoid duplication of scholarships. Sometimes, for further validation, we pay field visits. Additionally, we take multiple steps to ensure the credibility of supporters. For one, we are approaching the ministry of external affairs ask them to recommend and vet supporters. 

- We also use recommendations where each trusted supporter recommends another five trusted supporters. 

- We’re hoping to build an ambassadors network where an ambassador’s responsibility is to mobilize and vet supporters. 

Meet the team

Jihad Shojaheya: 38 Years, Gender: Male, the founder, and CEO of ESNAD, aged 38 years. Also, He is a freelance trainer, holds over 12 years’ experience in training, management,  leadership, decision making, communication, team building, citizenship, belonging, entrepreneurship, and voluntary work.

Samia BazzarAge: 22 years old, Gender: Female,  Role: Responsible for follow-up and communicates with Hessa service providers, Experience: youth activists at Sharek Youth Forum, one year,

Dania Majed: Age: 24 years old, Gender: Female, Role: Social Media Officer, Experience: 3 experience in social media, graphic design, press release editing and drafting at ESNAD. 2 years as a researcher at PCBS.

Abrar Saad: 27 Years Old, Gender: Female, Role: Program & Financial Officer, Experience: Five years Experience in Program Financial and administrative management at ESNAD.