Paint the Walls of Balata Refugee Camp

Reach of $7,000 goal
Campaign Closed

in a Partnership with LaunchGood


A team of local and international artists are seeking funding to paint murals in the Balata Refugee Camp [West Bank, Palestine]. We have put lots of love and intention into the project, and now we need your support on the final step. 

Beautify Balata is an Art Initiative sponsored by registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit Beyond Us & the Yaffa Cultural Center inside Balata. The project is simple but immensely impactful: Paint the Walls of the largest refugee camp in Palestine with beautiful art murals from professional street artists, Local and International.

Through collaborative, participatory public art-making, our initiative will promote healing, self-expression, and community experience by giving the children of Balata refugee camp a voice through art. Give a voice to the voiceless in the community, and allow them to paint their own reality. 

The project features children being guided by artists to make a mural of their own, such as one of all their hands with names. The project will also feature educational workshops to the children of Balata and lectures to artists in the community, provided by local and international artists. 


By providing access to educational and artistic resources, Beautify Balata will give the children of Balata camp the opportunity to create a community of truthful and inclusive self-expression.  The chosen local and international artists will paint their own murals and mentor the youth in the camp as they create their own art pieces. The project will also feature educational workshops which will focus on storytelling, enabling youth to shape their own narrative and launch transformative social change. Our initiative will provide an artistic platform for the community to express their struggles with the international community while also facilitating their collective healing.