The Only True, Sustainable Solution for Gaza - Energy Independence

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- Gaza's energy crisis endangers the Gaza Strip's very existence. ​- The energy crisis has devastated health care facilities, education, water, sanitation and agriculture. Multiple sectors of the economy have come to a screeching halt. - The people of Gaza have suffered the neglect of key actors in their welfare. - Without the local entrepreneurs and activists taking action, Gaza is at the mercy of extreme poverty. - Already, nearly 60% of Gaza lives below the poverty line. Gaza only receives maybe 3 hours of unpredictable, inconsistent electricity access from the grid a day. We believe we have designed a solar energy system that provides families in Gaza with almost all their energy needs. After evaluation by multiple Stanford Engineers and extensive market research, we believe our system is nearly 10 times more affordable than any solar kit that retails in the West. MOREOVER, we sell our system in parts, to improve affordability so that we can serve all people, regardless of income background. We work very diligently to ensure equality of access.