• General FAQs
    What is BuildPalestine?

    BuildPalestine is a platform to connect supporters around the world with innovative, social impact projects in Palestine. Our goal is connect anyone who asks “how can I support Palestine?” with trusted opportunities to make an impact.

    What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a means to fund a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. The internet is especially powerful tool for this, as it allows you to easily reach a global audience.

    Who funds projects?

    Everyone! That is the beauty of crowdfunding.

  • FAQs for Supporters
    Why crowdfund?

    Crowdfunding allows organizations to connect directly with new audiences and get them excited about a project. Crowdfunding works best when it raises funds for a specific use, by a given deadline, and when it shows people exactly how their money will make a difference.

    What is the reward for funding projects?

    Social impact. Once successfully funded, every project will follow up to share its impact with supporters. Some may also choose to offer creative rewards that you can claim when you donate.

    How can I support Palestine?

    1. Support a socially impactful project

    2. Volunteer in Palestine

    Why do I go to Launchgood once I hit the support button?

    Given the fact that we no longer collect and transfer the funds to the organizations, we partnered with Launchgood platform were the money is collected and transferred directly to organizations.

    Do you offer an offline payment solution?

    You can donate directly to our projects in cash. All cash donations are added as offline donations on Launchgood.

  • FAQs for Organizations
    How do I submit an application to crowdfund with you?

    You can submit your application under "My Campaigns". You only can create a campaign after you create an organization profile. 

    I am not a registered organization, but I have a project that has social impact, can I still apply?

    Yes! We appreciate individuals and groups who are doing amazing work on the ground. Please create an organization profile using your project name, and then submit a campaign application under "My Campaigns". We will review it and come back to you. 

    What is the crowdfunding application process?

    We receive your campaign application once you submit it. Your campaign is reviewed by our crowdfunding committee to make sure it fits our criteria. This process takes up to 2 weeks.

    What type of projects does BuildPalestine support?

    Our criteria to accept projects includes social impact, innovation, sustainability, and transparency.   

    How will BuildPalestine support my project?

    If your project is accepted to the platform, we will work with you to design the crowdfunding campaign and teach you how to mobilize your network to reach our goal.  

    What happens after you accept my campaign?

    We will contact you to start with our standard crowdfunding process.

    Is there a limit to the amount I can raise?

    No, you should evaluate your network and needs before you set the goal. You should understand that there isn’t an imaginary crowd that is waiting to support your campaign. We help you to measure your network and evaluate it. Also, your campaign won’t go live before you hit 30% of your goal in the pre-launch period. If you don’t hit it, it means that you might need to reconsider your goal.

    Is there a fee for using the platform?

    It is free to submit a project, and we take a 5% fee in exchange for our service. LaunchGood takes 8% (5% platform fee and 3% credit card processing fee), however, Launchgood gives the supporters the option to cover the 8% fees upon online checkout. And from our experience, Launchgood fee never had never exceeded 4.5%!