• Deadline: 2019-05-16
  • Amount:
  • Organization: Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)
  • Focus Areas: Social Entrepreneurship

We seek to advance innovative ideas that address shared challenges in the community. Whether you are pursuing arts, work with vulnerable groups or focus on innovative entrepreneurship, we believe that your role can bring positive change to your field or community.

Do you have a good idea for your entrepreneurial project? Is it part of your organization´s mission to help share knowledge, enhance innovation or engage people?
No matter if you are a small enterprise focused on the local community, or an experienced, nation-wide organization if you want to make a difference in your field or community, our sub-grants are here to help you along the way there.


We seek organizations that aim to share knowledge, enhance innovation, make Impact, and engage people in the OPT and across the MENA region. We want to partner with those who can make a difference – no matter if you are a Small, Young or Mature Enterprise.


The range of the MedUp Fund amount is Min. 5.000 Euro and Max. of 50.000 Euro. The MedUP! Fund requires an own contribution of minimum 35% of the project budget, this can be a 35% cash contribution or 10% cash contribution with 25% an in-kind contribution, this cash contribution can be from the company, owners or from external sources in which case it needs to be secured as a condition to receive the grant. In-kind contribution by the company can refer to cash-equivalent goods and services such as equipment or dedicated staff time needed for the project. The in-kind contribution must be specifically and directly related to the implementation of the project. The value of the in-kind contribution must be tangible and verifiable, based on specific supporting evidence such as contracts, invoices and others.


1. Applicant should be registered (as a company, small Enterprise, not for profit company, or any other legal entity form but with a business model/revenue streams).
2. The proposed business project is implemented in the country and relevant to the business in the national context.
3. The proposed project focuses on growing the already existed business.
4. The applicant is not in any way involved in activities such as arms, tobacco, alcohol and gambling industries, registered in so-called tax-havens, or involved in; environmental or human rights abuses or corruption
5. The applicant is willing to contribute at least 35% into the financing of the proposed activity.
6. The proposed project has to be implemented within 12 months after the date of the first disbursement.


The eligible activities for applying to the MedUp! Fund, could be not limited to the below:
1. Business support services (acquired from SESOs)
2. Investments (machines or equipment needed to scale-up)
3. Business development costs (test and/or launch new products and projects, market study for scaling-up, etc.)
4. Visibility costs (brand design, promotional materials for the products and/or services)
5. Redesigning the production process to become more social or environmentally friendly
6. Implementing fair trade models in the supply chain


The applications will be cancelled without any prior notice if the Applicant of the MedUp fund applying to cover operating cost such as but not limited to the following:
1. Purchasing, rent or leasing of land or buildings/facilities; bank charges, cost of guarantees and similar charges;
2. Costs of proposal development and feasibility study;
3. Value and registration costs of intellectual property rights.

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