United Nations Voluntary Fund on Disability

  • Deadline: 2020-03-31
  • Amount:
  • Organization: United Nations
  • Focus Areas: Programs supporting people with disabilities

Types of fundable projects: 

"The Fund provides small grants to support catalytic and innovative activities that, among others:

Promote greater awareness of the CRPD and disability issues;

Support the implementation of the CRPD, including through the  mainstreaming of disability in regional, national or local development agenda;

Build capacity of stakeholders to improve livelihood and well-being of persons with disabilities in developing countries through implementation of the CRPD (stakeholders include organizations of persons with disabilities, their networks, other civil society organizations, Governments, private sector organizations, international development donors, etc);

Relationship to national development strategies, policies and programmes, and the CRPD

Foster exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as dissemination of inclusive and accessible policies and practices

Other considerations include multi-stakeholder partnerships and multiple donors, gender inclusive, new and emerging disability issues, and replicability in other developing countries.

As the UNVF is a small grants fund and resources are limited, priority is given to proposals seeking “seed-money” (as opposed to support for an organization’s general budget) to be used for projects involving catalytic and innovative actions and projects whose successes can be further replicated in other areas.

Activities which are not eligible for funding include individual assistance, purchase of equipment (e.g. computers, cameras, assistive equipment and vehicles), construction of buildings, payment of rent or utilities, etc."

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