Become a monthly member and directly inspire change in Palestine.

Pay what you can. Every bit helps.

If you believe in our mission to empower local changemakers, join us and become part of a global community that is committed to social impact in Palestine!
As a member of The Build, you can expect..

1. Direct Connections

Every person in The Build is directly connected with grassroots teams on the ground in Palestine. You will meet the people whose work you enable and feel connected.

2. Personalized Inspiration

Members receive a personalized newsletter for the causes and organizations closest to your heart. You can stay up to date on the most innovative, impactful ways for you to get involved.

3. Visible Impact

Our team on the ground works directly with local changemakers and follows up with each project. Come visit us in Palestine and we will show you in person.

The Build is a passionate and determined group of supporters around the world on a mission to make real impact in Palestine by empowering local changemakers.

"What I like about BuildPalestine is that it's a youth-led social initiative... the mission is in its name. BuildPalestine is creating a community for people who simply want to help and hear about each others' work."

Sari Taha

This was Sunbula’s second crowdfunding campaign and [working with BuildPalestine] was a fantastic experience. First of all, it’s a local, Palestinian initiative. Second, we received very intimate support with constructive and useful advice.

Director of Sunbila, Campaign Owner


  • What is The Build?
    The Build is a membership program that invites global supporters to be a part of direct social impact in Palestine. We are mobilizing a community that believes in our mission and supports our work
  • Do I have to give monthly to be a member?
    Yes, we ask that members contribute a monthly amount to sustain our community.
  • How is my payment processed?
    Stripe is our payment processor, and all donations are made to The Social Good Fund, a 501(c)3 and BuildPalestine's fiscal sponsor.
  • Can I make a tax deductible donation?
    Yes, indicate you would like to receive a tax-deductible receipt at checkout and we will be sure to send one at the end of the year.