Al Nayzak for Supportive Education & Scientific Innovation

Since 2003


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Legal Registration:

Palestinian Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

To develop scientific, entrepreneurship, engineering, technological and mathematical (STEEM) competencies of Palestinian youth and to provide promising socio-economic opportunities, through initiating, design and implementation of specialized programs that create inspiring and motivating environments for incubation and excellence.


Al Nayzak is Palestinian non-profit, non- partisan, Jerusalemite and unique initiative that looks for young talents in science, technology, engineering, and math(STEM), and plants an ambitious vision in the hearts of our community:“To develop, root, and reinforce a new culture that embraces science, and to announce this culture among Palestinian youth so that their competence in productively applied sciences could provide them with better economic opportunities that would lead to their future prosperity.” Al Nayzak’s approach is to make scientific-thinking skills become an inherent part of the lives of Palestinian people. In order to do this, it applies empirical tools to help individuals acquire thinking skills and relate them to genuine savoir-faire and technology. In this way they become capable of facing challenges in their journey to achieve excellence and helping develop their environment and build a modern Palestinian society. In order to achieve its mission, the organization has adopted a series of chronically conducted programs that target various age groups to incubate talented people from an early age, including Talented Students Incubators for kids and adolescents from 10 to 14; Young Researchers for those from 14 to 17; Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship (STEP) for school students from 14 to 17; Made in Palestine (MIP) for those who are 18 and above; and '’Tafkeer’’, Thinking-Technology program which integrates technology in education in schools. There are also a number of complementary projects to convey a message of science and knowledge to all segments of society. Crowning its series of achievements and a 10 years parade for innovation, the organization inaugurated in 2013 the first Science and Technology House in Palestine, where visitors enjoy hands-on activities all dedicated to creating a culture of scientific thinking and as a nuclear to establishing the National Science and Technology Museum in Palestine. The Science House receives around 15 thousand visitors annually. Al Nayzak serves all Palestinian areas through its network of offices in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Gaza, and Nablus, as well as in the Science and Technology House in the Old City of Birzeit.

What makes Al Nayzak for Supportive Education & Scientific Innovation innovative?

Since 2003, Al Nayzak has been employing new technologies and integrating different methodologies using its programs and reaching tens of thousands of students each year. These programs all focus on the importance of finding innovative solutions and promote life skills and to develop the STEEM competencies within both of the students and teachers. Al Nayzak also promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through specialized programs like “Made in Jerusalem” and “Made in Palestine”; these programs aim at supporting new innovative ideas in science, engineering, and technology, and linking the academic experience gained at university level with the technical skills needed to proceed in business, in an effort to provide solutions to the technological, scientific and industrial problems encountered by local community. The essence of these programs is to provide Palestinian innovators inside and outside universities with the feasible opportunities and possibilities to achieve their hopes and aspirations which, in turn, could lead to results of practical value in developing new products or solving technical problems using creative methods and mechanisms. These programs are implementing the startup methodology to incubate and scale up the enterprises until they become capable to unlock new markets locally and internationally with competitive products. So as explained above, Al Nayzak isn’t only innovative as an organization, it also encourages and works towards innovation in the Palestinian community throughout its programs.

How does Al Nayzak for Supportive Education & Scientific Innovation measure impact?

Al Nayzak combines the efforts of its M&E department with its staff in different departments to maintain a functioning, practical and critical monitoring and evaluation system. Based on its organizational structure, data is collected in coordination with the operations and programs department. The data is processed and analyzed in the planning and development department to explore what is working and what is not, and develop new mechanisms and plans accordingly in alliance with the relevant departments.

How can supporters get involved?

Supporters can get involved by joining Al Nayzak’s volunteering unit that is spread out throughout the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. More than 500 volunteers today are working side by side along Al Nayzak’s team to implement its programs and activities across the region. They can also share their expertise and knowledge in helping with the development of the content in STEEM areas, training of trainers, and courses and sessions for our volunteers and staff. Al Nayzak also accepts donations through its official website, donors can make a donation for a specific program they feel connected to, or to the organization in general.

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