Beita Women Development Society

Since 2007


  • Advocacy & Human Rights
  • Environment
  • Health


  • Nablus

Legal Registration:

Palestinian Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

BWDS aims to empower Palestinian women and promote their participation in public life in Palestine Our strategic goals are to:  Enable women and enhance their role in public life  Contribute to improve the knowledge for the Palestinian community issues and needs of Palestinian women.  Raise the level of women’s social, health . life.  Helping to raise of leveling and income of rural women


The Beita Women Development Society (BWDS) was established in 2007 in the village of Beita, which is east of Nablus. BWDS works to improve the conditions of women in Beita and surrounding villages in Nablus. It focuses on social and economic development through community based programs and projects. BWDS responds to the community’s needs as well as women’s current issues. Its mandate is to support the local community to improve its socioeconomic conditions, and help the efforts for land protection and development. BWDS also aims to improve the situation of women in Palestine, socially, politically and economically through executing a wide range of programs and projects.

What makes Beita Women Development Society innovative?

We use the power of local people, understanding their problems and need, using a desing thinking approach to solve it using the least amount of resources possible to treat problems at its roots and help solve it once and for all.

How does Beita Women Development Society measure impact?

Through measuring the changes and impacts on people lives interacting with projects, using established frameworks and measures.

How can supporters get involved?

- Volunteer time and efforts to support organisations project on the ground. - Spread the word about the organisation work and efforts. - Donate or help fund raise for the organisation projects.