Dalia Association

Since 2007


  • Community Development


  • Ramallah and Al-Bireh

Legal Registration:

Palestinian Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

Dalia Association is Palestine’s community foundation that realizes our rights as Palestinians to control our resources for our own durable development.


Our mission is to mobilize and properly utilize resources necessary to empower a vibrant, independent and accountable civil society, through community controlled grant-making. Our approach focus on the ecological, local economy, social and cultural dimensions. We aim to strengthen community philanthropy in Palestine and the Diaspora, because we believe that everyone in our community has something to give, by contributing our talents, resources, and energies for a thriving Palestine.

What makes Dalia Association innovative?

In all our work and programs, the community decides, through a democratic voting process, on their own priorities by developing initiatives that provide sustainable solutions to problems in their community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F464DFinlj0

How does Dalia Association measure impact?

Through a program evaluation form with our grantees. We also have a scorecard evaluation with indicators that we measure every quarter.

How can supporters get involved?

Be a part of the movement! A movement where Palestinians control their own durable development. Help us #ShiftThePower by either volunteering or donating. You can also #FunraiseForDalia and pick an activity from this toolkit (https://bit.ly/2jcyXC9)

Dalia Association Volunteer Opportunities

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