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Legal Registration:

Early Stage Initiative (Not Registered)

Mission Statement:

Gaza Poets Society is a platform for the young and aspiring poets in Gaza.


Gaza Poets Society is a growing group of 30+ young and aspiring poets from Gaza who teamed up to form an effective and coherent society of writers in Gaza.

What makes Gaza Poets Society innovative?

We are the first spoken-word community in Gaza. We provide a platform for the aspiring poets and writers in Gaza, host monthly spoken word event in Gaza.

How does Gaza Poets Society measure impact?

We measure impact, when we provide opportunities for the young poets to grow .

How can supporters get involved?

With your support we could connect with you or your organization and start to make the links with other groups and educational communities that will help us to learn and to reach a wider audience. This community of poets need your support so that they can continue to express themselves freely and fearlessly, meet and develop, share their work in public and connect with other poets and universities locally and globally.

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First Spoken Word Community in Gaza

Gaza Poets Society