Gaza Poets Society (2018-12-29)


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Legal Registration:

Early Stage Initiative (Not Registered)

Mission Statement:

Gaza Poets Society is a growing group of 30+ young and aspiring poets from Gaza who teamed up to form an effective and coherent society of writers in Gaza.


In Gaza, we often believe the world has turned its back on us. It’s easy to lose hope when you’re locked in a place where 70 percent of Gazans are suffering from depression, 60 percent are classified as poor, and 65 percent of college graduates have no job, and no chance of getting one because of Israel’s blockade on Gaza. So, we work hard to build a coherent society of young and aspiring poets, provide a space for them to grow, to inspire and to be inspired. A space where they can find and share their voices, and those voices can be heard

Gaza Poets Society Campaigns

First Spoken Word Community in Gaza

Gaza Poets Society