Grassroots Al-Quds

Since 2011


  • Advocacy & Human Rights
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  • Jerusalem

Legal Registration:

International Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

- Support local Palestinian self-empowerment - Revive the largest Palestinian metropolis and capital - Impact international policy so that it answers to the needs and aspirations of Jerusalem’s Palestinian communities - Contribute to the Palestinian struggle for justice!


Grassroots al-Quds is a platform for Palestinian grassroots mobilization and networking with the goal of contributing to the creation and implementation of a Palestinian-led long term strategy for al-Quds (Jerusalem).

What makes Grassroots Al-Quds innovative?

1) Storytelling and Mapping We research the history and current reality of the communities in the Jerusalem district, and document their stories. We map grassroots initiatives and community organizations active in these communities, and the resources available for them. Our mapping project aims at the preservation of the Palestinian identity of Jerusalem, as well as support grassroots mobilization. Community stories, organizational profiles and maps can be found on our website: 2) Local Mobilization and Networking We support community-led mobilization challenging the displacement policies implemented against the Palestinians in al-Quds. We help grassroots initiatives and community organizations find the resources needed for mobilization regarding issues of immediate concern. At the same time, we support networking between the different al-Quds communities and organizations, building long-term strategies that defy the occupation. 3) Consultancy and Organizational Development We share our experience and lessons with other Palestinian organizations that wish to develop in a sustainable and self-sufficient way. Passing on our own model of funding: focusing on core-funds, crowdfunding and income-generating work, in order to be able financially independent and remain loyal to our agenda and plans in the face of donor dictations. 4) Global Mobilization We believe in the importance of networking between the different struggles around the world. While corporationalism and economic interests dictate realities of colonialism and oppression everywhere around the world, it is only natural that we join the struggles and support each other in our local mobilization efforts. Aside from networking with movements around the world, Grassroots Al-Quds gives political tours of Jerusalem, and has published a political tourist guidebook for the city titled Wujood (Arabic for “Existence”).

How does Grassroots Al-Quds measure impact?

GJ focuses its work on the ground on strategies that are realistic, for example, nowadays it focuses on promoting the Palestinian economy in Jerusalem through the development of tourism by providing knowledge and tools for the local community to attract touristic movements to where it does not normally reach and in the same time provide the knowledge and tools for the visitors of the city to reach the hidden realities on their own. This movement can be monitored and economical impact is immediate. In the same way and across all its departments, GJ, monitors virtual reach and action sprung on the ground in the city and globally in connection to Palestine through working closely with partners who hold the same values. This tells us if the knowledge we gather and transmit is creating a change with the recipients. Last, when it comes to strategic development for partners and new initiative, GJ works with them for years in most cases and thus can first hand witness their development.

How can supporters get involved?

First they need to read the storied we bring from the people of the city and try to understand the realities they live in. This will enable them to speak to the matters at hand in Jerusalem with backed up information directly from the Jerusalemites themselves. This will enable them to pass it onward to their communities and hopefully create a larger impact on their local policy makers to be active about Palestinian rights. Second, visit the city and follow the trail of the grassroots community, this way you would meet the people on the ground and experience first hand the reality they live in, moreover, support them economically by choosing to invest your travel money in the Palestinian tourism and businesses. Third, host our staff worldwide when they come to transmit the stories by organizing events and inviting people to attend them. Last, follow our news, where sometimes you will see ongoing campaigns that are happening in the city and that present opportunities to take part.