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Mission Statement:

We love the patterns of Palestine, and the broader Arab world, and think that high-quality, long-lasting socks are a perfect fit (pun intended) to spread these patterns worldwide. They bring a bold statement of Palestinian artistry and entrepreneurship to the communities across the world.


Nowadays more than ever, socks have become an item of fashion expression. Our founder, Hani, is a Palestinian-American startup junkie and sock enthusiast. He wanted to combine his love of Palestine and love of socks in such a way that spread Palestinian symbols worldwide and supported the growth of the Palestinian entrepreneurship ecosystem that gave him a purpose in his career.

What makes Habibi Worldwide innovative?

As far as we know, we are the first company to sell Palestinian designed and inspired socks across the world. We're also specifically aiming to benefit Palestinians worldwide up and down our supply chain, from digital design to marketing and business management.

How does Habibi Worldwide measure impact?

We measure impact in 3 major ways: Growth, Reinvestment, and Support: 1) Growth: How far and wide are we able to spread the designs of Palestine on socks? 2) Reinvestment: How much are we able to reinvest into the Palestinian digital economy? 3) Support: How many community initiatives, particularly around entrepreneurship, are we able to support?

How can supporters get involved?

First and foremost, we want you to wear and share our socks (No, we don’t mean literally sharing socks with friends, but share on social media!) We also have a range of donations and rewards, which are great options if you’re just looking to support the project and join the Habibi Worldwide family. Finally, we want to keep expanding! If you have thoughts about new designs, partners, or other ideas, please get in touch. New followers on Instagram @habibiworldwide and liking our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/habibiworldwide) are also always welcome.

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