Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit @ Birzeit University

Since 2017


  • Education


Legal Registration:

Early Stage Initiative (Not Registered)


Mission Statement:

Fostering and facilitating entrepreneurial activities in Birzeit University by creating an open innovation platform for students, faculty, and staff to create and work on new ideas and design and implement initiatives that bolster the university’s innovation environment.

What makes Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit @ Birzeit University innovative?

Implementation of the Leadership and Active Citizenship program that aims at enhancing students’ capacities to meet the rigorous demands of university education, boost their growth into good and active citizens and facilitate their education-to-work transition.

How does Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit @ Birzeit University measure impact?

Through a rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework

How can supporters get involved?

By helping: Foster an enabling university environment that is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship. Empower students to design and carry out social action projects (SAPs). Develop the university as a campus-based social innovation space - for the incubation and spin-off of successful ideas into thriving and meaningful community projects. Develop students as successful business and social leaders who have the 21st century skills to compete locally and internationally for jobs and create self-employment.