Institute for Palestine Studies


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  • Ramallah and Al-Bireh

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International Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

IPS-USA spearheads knowledge production, raises public awareness, informs policy, and engages with various constituencies on significant issues related to Palestine.


The Institute for Palestine Studies-USA is an independent 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to the documentation, preservation, and knowledge production on Palestinian Affairs. By protecting the integrity of the historical record and accurately documenting ongoing developments, IPS-USA supports fact-based research, sound policymaking, and progress toward a just and comprehensive peace. We foster research, reflection, and dialogue on the many concerns of the Palestinian people and their aspirations.

What makes Institute for Palestine Studies innovative?

IPS-USA remains on the cutting edge of ongoing research on Palestine and Palestinians by conducting a wide range of interdisciplinary research, including more recent issues of intersectionality and identity. Working with established and new scholars as well as fostering new writers across a spectrum of topics, we utilize a number of digital and traditional media platforms to distribute our materials, including social media channels, videos, journals and books in digital and print formats, livestreams, events, and through our blog, Palestine Square.

How does Institute for Palestine Studies measure impact?

As an institute focused on providing fact-based research and analysis, our success is largely measured by the distribution and impact factor of our journals and books.

How can supporters get involved?

Input, feedback, and submissions are always welcome from our readership and supporters. Supporters are encouraged to share and comments on our social media, attend IPS-USA events, and make donations in order to keep our work sustainable. We are also launching a membership program in 2019 that will facilitate more direct communication between IPS-USA and our supporters.