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Legal Registration:

Palestinian Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

IUG is an academic institution that strives to raise the educational, cultural and civilization levels in the Palestinian society, to keep up with current trends in higher education and technology advancements, to encourage scientific research, and to contribute in building future generations and developing the society in a framework of Islamic values."


The Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) is an independent academic institution supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. It is a member of four associations: Association of Arab Universities, Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World , Community of Mediterranean Universities, and International Association of Universities. In addition, IUG works closely with numerous universities around the world.

What makes Islamic University of Gaza innovative?

IUG has got many awards including : Galileo International Prize for optics, a patent by the U.S. Office for the registration of patents, Karim Rida Said Foundation prize, the Islamic Development Bank in science and technology prize, Al-Najah National University for scientific research, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Institution prize, Hisham Adeeb Hijjawi institution prize, which was obtained more than once, Zuhair Al Hijjawi Award, and Emerald Award Foundation International Award, Abdel Hamid Shoman Award in addition to the Islamic University Award for Scientific Research.

How does Islamic University of Gaza measure impact?

Since the establishment of IUG in 1978, the grants and donations provided by several bodies and individuals have contributed to: - Developing the university environment significantly, as IUG moved from the stage of temporary buildings and tents to modern buildings and educational environment that meet the requirements of the times. - Supporting thousands of needy students and enable a large number of them to graduate and join the labor market. - Establishing several modern and advanced scientific laboratories to serve academic and research activities. - Allocating various endowment funds to support the academic process of the university and help needy students. - Student satisfaction with teaching and learning is an indicator in many higher education institutions including IUG. Student feedback has been seen very much in the light of a useful 'add on' to courses at the end of each semester, as this provides data that IUG put neatly into reports and solicit evaluation of every part and element of the student experience, not simply the course-delivery side of things.

How can supporters get involved?

Donate to Educate website is a way in which supporters from all over the world can support IUG, detailed info here: You can also reach via Email: [email protected], [email protected] *Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) offers electronic payment service to allow the possibility of supporting needy students, paying the tuition fees, and supporting IUG projects to improve the higher education quality and its services to the community in addition to bank transfer.