Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center

Since 1996


  • Arts & Culture


  • Ramallah and Al-Bireh

Legal Registration:

Palestinian Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

We are a center that strengthens the arts and culture sector in Palestine and that provides an open space for the community to produce vibrant and liberating cultural content.


Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center (KSCC) is a leading Palestinian arts and culture organization, located in Ramallah city. KSCC is a center that strengthens the arts and culture sector in Palestine and that provides an open space for the community to produce vibrant and liberating cultural content. KSCC aims to create a pluralistic, critical emancipatory culture through research, query, and participation. The center’s programs are open to young and established artists, writers, art practitioners, formal and informal art collectives, interested individuals and groups, children and their families, that are motivated to develop their creative drive and to engage in artistic production or critique of artistic and cultural content. The center’s programs include: • The Visual Arts program • The Literature program • The In-Reach program • The Land Program

What makes Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center innovative?

Our programs are based on multi-disciplinary approaches that explores intersection between arts and culture and between different mediums of arts. Collaborative and critical thinking is central to our approach: in our events and programs, KSCC invites arts and culture practitioners from different disciplines to collaborate in thinking. We firmly believe that culture and arts are tightly intertwined with the production of knowledge, and our programs aim to offer spaces, opportunities, resources, and networking opportunities for artists, writers, cultural practitioners, individuals, and collectives to engage with audiences to promote query, research, explorations, and discoveries. Our role is to deepen, reinforce, strength, support, and when needed to nurture or initiate this arts-based research process. Whereby, partnerships, alliance-building, and networking are critical to fostering a conductive environment for arts and culture.

How does Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center measure impact?

In order to create a greater impact on the local community we continuously engage our partners and our audience in our programming. Thus, creating an understanding of the needs of the cultural scene in Palestine. We utilize the following tools in order to measure our impact: 1- Events database to track the number of events organized by KSCC, the number and type of participants, ticket sales and revenue. This will also help to assess the profile of participants, to see whether KSCC is diversifying its audience. 2- Project reports to collectively document progress of each project and keep track to inform annual report. 3- Media profiling to assess the extent to which KSCC is gaining media visibility and to capture opinions of audiences, critics or reviewers and other artists. 4- Collaborative Learning Review To engage with various stakeholders (General Assembly members, partner organizations, funders, artists, ….) in strategic thinking, and to capture lessons learnt. This may take the form of brainstorming meeting or workshop. Learning reviews may also be organized with general audience to receive feedback.

How can supporters get involved?

Supporters can become part of our BACKBONE program, which encourages friends of the center and cultural producers and appreciators to support Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center through various contributions. These contributions will support the center in its quest for sustainability and ensuring independence of the cultural work. In its pursuits to reach the ultimate goal of supporting culture and art in Palestine. These contributions can take one of these forms: 1- Endowment Support – as part of the long-term strategy of KSCC, the center is working towards building a $4M endowment in the coming 7 years. The endowment once built will support the long-term existence and independence of the center. The endowment support is $20,000 or more and supporter will be recognized as a long-life / eternal supporter for KSCC. 2- Annual Support - one of the most serious concerns facing cultural centers such as Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center is financial stability. Your contribution to this support gives the cultural movement a chance to operate without existential concerns and within a restful operating structure. This contribution will cover 50% of the operating expenses through individual giving of $500 - $2000 annually, the supporter will be recognized annually in the center and on the website. 3- Programs Support: a one-time contribution to one of our ongoing programs: Visual Arts, Literature program and Land residency. This contribution will be recognized in the programs supported.