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Palestinian Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

Khazaaen aims to preserve the communal Arab and Palestinian heritage in an interactive way not as the traditional archives which preserving books, magazines, and newspapers. Khazaaen has interested in Ephemeral materials due to the lack of documenting the Palestinian families’ history that scattered throughout the world and Palestinian society in general.


Khazaaen is a Social Archive non-profit association that specializes in preserving ephemeral materials (short aged) and documenting those materials which reflects people's daily lives. This allows creating a picture of what the life of the community looked like at a certain period, thus, providing important information that otherwise difficult to obtain about the situation of different sectors of societal dynamics. Khazaaen has developed much work in education working with educators from school to university levels through giving lectures and training on the research of knowledge through archives and libraries of all kinds. It has deep relations with many Palestinian educational, academic and cultural institutes. Khazaaen has served as a consultancy to many other organizations and educational and cultural institutes in the fields of education, history, research, archiving and more. Till the date, Khazaaen has more than 115 Archives from different Arab countries and more than 80000 material (pamphlets, diaries, maps, stamps, posters, advertising trade cards, bookmarks, catalogues, letters, postcards, tickets, wedding invitations, photographs etc.). For Khazaaen it's essential shedding the light on the importance of these materials and encouraging people not to throw them even if they published today.

What makes Khazaaen innovative?

Khazaaen’s aim to collect Ephemeral materials while being centric to the Palestinian cause and the Arabic language in the areas of struggle, hoping to protect and rescue as much as we can from these materials and Arabic publications that being thrown away and demolished on a daily basis with the absence of any entity concerned to preserve them.

How does Khazaaen measure impact?

It measures impact on three levels: Cultural Social Education and Research

How can supporters get involved?

They would contribute with their publications to Khazaaen; so Khazaaen would preserve and archive their materials. Forming an activity or event in mutual topics. Supporting Khazaaen to hold workshops to students, associations and concerned people. Developing the Arabic content through activating a cooperation mechanism between archives, research centers, and universities.