Since 2018


  • Environment


  • Ramallah and Al-Bireh

Legal Registration:

Social Enterprise

Mission Statement:

Creating better and cleaner future


The first in Palestine for the collection, sorting and managing of Solid Waste from houses and individuals. The whole process is through the use of technology and an application to communicate and arrange the process with clients. The startup replace the collected solid waste with points which can be exchanged in return to products in order to encourage people to participate , The project focus on raising awareness and use solid waste which consider the new worlds treasure. through application, quick service and modern technology

What makes Mnjm-منجم innovative?

We collect and recycle solid waste using technology.

How does Mnjm-منجم measure impact?

We measure our impact by the number of subscribers and people who participate with us in addition to the amount of solid waste we collect and recycle

How can supporters get involved?

By volunteering with us and donate to help us continue