Sareyyet Ramallah -First Ramallah Group

Since 1927


  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Development
  • Education


  • Ramallah and Al-Bireh

Legal Registration:

Palestinian Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group (FRG) is a Palestinian civil organization that seeks to develop and implement a diversity of programs and activities for all society groups and to contribute to community development on the basis of human and scout values and in accordance with the needs of target groups.


Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group (FRG) is a nongovernmental community based organization established in 1927. The organization’s work feeds from its solid belief in humanitarian principles and equality regardless of gender, religion, race and special needs. Sareyyet Ramallah provides its services for all social groups and categories in the Palestinian society through its multi activities.

How does Sareyyet Ramallah -First Ramallah Group measure impact?

Sareyyet Ramallah defined its strategic statement through determining its vision, mission, goals, stakeholders and audience, success and how it looks like, and intended impacts. How to measure these impacts: through defining outcomes and indicators to measure the impact of these outcomes (the results), and following these indicators over time since social change needs time.

How can supporters get involved?

Supporters can get involved through communicating with us via email: [email protected] OR [email protected]