Shagaf Foundation For Digital Expression

Since 2015


  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Development
  • Social Enterprises


  • Jenin
  • Ramallah and Al-Bireh

Legal Registration:

Palestinian Nonprofit

Mission Statement:

At Shagaf for digital expression, we aim to create innovative, creative and useful projects that aim at making the youth better express themselves in digital ways( picture, video, voice, text). We want to tell our stories and talk about our experiences and culture in an attractive and creative way.


"Shagaf Foundation for Digital expression is an NGO based in Palestine, we aim to initiate innovative projects that aim at encouraging young people to have a positive online presence through picture, video, voice and text. Our projects are related to blogging, social media, social entrepreneurship and photography. Shagaf initiated many projects since it was formally registered in 2015 that include ""Kazdoora and Sora“; a photography initiative that aims to document culture in Palestinian cities, the first photography festival in Palestine, blogging events as well as awareness sessions for women empowerment as ""She can“ , ""She entrepreneur“, "" She travels"" and ""She films"" , ""socialji Club"" for social media events and workshops, and ""Nofeedo"" which is a platform to empower new influencers and content creators a in Palestine."

What makes Shagaf Foundation For Digital Expression innovative?

"At Shagaf organization creates many events in the field of digital, such as social media campaigns, initiatives about documenting and blogging through visuals, sound and text. And people from different ages participate. Also its created by people from different areas of Palestine, which we try to connect these occupation areas, and eventually these obstacles come to vanish when the event succeed. " "At Shagaf we are teaching youth how to employ social media platforms to make real social change. Additionally, how to use these platforms to market and empower their initiatives, we are empowering young Palestinian females and helping them in marketing their small businesses. Sahagf means passion, we work on encouraging the youth to give all their heart to their ideas, love what they're doing, and do what they love. we want to create job opportunities by working in our passion. " "At Shagaf for digital expression, we organize new activities in Palestine in Digital field ( social media, Photography , film making , entrepreneurship) we empower passionate youth and women to start their projects. we help women entrepreneurs in their business, we create inspiring activities for them, and providing them the useful tools. "

How does Shagaf Foundation For Digital Expression measure impact?

Positive feedback from people

How can supporters get involved?

- If you have a good contacts for us, send us an email to [email protected] - Join our Facebook page and spread our projects. - We would love to be invited to trainings and networking events.