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SunBox customizes and imports solar kits according to people's electricity needs and their financial limitations. We use local vendors and technicians to sell, install and provide customer service for the solar kits, offering greater value for the customer and strengthening the local economy. We are currently testing a pay-as-you-go solution for the Gazan community.


SunBox provides off-grid and self-installable solar kits for families suffering from electricity shortage. We supply both pure- and modified-sine wave inverters, monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules, gel and lithium batteries, integrated solar charge controllers and some DC appliances. We are constantly widening our product offering in order to optimally satisfy our customer requirements in all of the markets we serve.

What makes SunBox for Solar Solutions innovative?

There are no off-grid solar kit companies competing in the Gaza market, our Company will be first mover. At the last few years private, small suppliers are offering big scale solar panel to high-income families, yet the market adoption is slow and low due to the high installation costs.

How does SunBox for Solar Solutions measure impact?

By providing low-income families with a reliable source of energy, we aim to create a significant impact on the lives of 2.1 million people living in the Gaza strip. We allow them to save money for food and health expenses, provide their children with light for reading and studying, allow them to be connected to the internet and to the world, and in addition creating for job opportunities where Unemployment rates are extremely high. Palestinians in Gaza have used backup generators to provide electricity to their houses and shops. Generators can power lights, but are loud and often lack enough fuel to power them. People used to buy Egyptian fuel but the high price of the Israeli fuel, $2 for a liter, is out of reach for many in the territory. Also dozens of Palestinians have been killed or injured by carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, or explosions from improper use of generators. Solar power remains only a tiny part of the energy mix in the Gaza amounting to around 3 MW. In the last few years private small suppliers began offering big scale solar systems to high-income families. The Gaza strip suffers from a high level of air pollution. Toxic gases, including sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide, which harm the respiratory system, are released into the air as a result of the use of the large numbers of people who run home generators to compensate for the shortage of electricity caused by Gaza’s inability to run its power plant full-time due to the acute shortage of fuel. It is estimated that there are about 100,000 of these generators in use and that they consume about 500,000 liters of fuel per day.

How can supporters get involved?

There are different ways to support the work we are doing. We are aiming to expand our network so more people around the world will be involved in this process. We are now in the phase of raising donations/investments to expand our operations for the second half of 2019.

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