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Since 2016


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Social Enterprise

Mission Statement:

To support socially and economically viable alternative tourism initiatives that positively educate, inspire and create more active global citizens, and contribute to the sustainable development of the local community.


Volunteer Palestine: VolunteerPalestine is a social enterprise established by 3rd-generation Palestinian refugees from Aida Camp. We connect international volunteers with local organisations to create a borderless culture of collaboration that meets the needs of our communities. Advocacy We advocate for an end to the Israeli occupation and continued disintegration, exploitation, marginalisation, and forced displacement of the Palestinian people. Community development We believe that the solutions with the greatest potential for creating lasting change are those that are developed within our communities. Instead of importing ideas, we bridge the gaps across cultural and social divides by bringing people together and stimulating social innovation. Cultural Immersion We nurture inclusive environments in which volunteers connect with the local community and experience Palestinian culture as natives rather than tourists. Outreach We reinvest more than 90 percent of our profits into the local community and initiatives that address social and environmental issues in Palestine.

What makes Volunteer Palestine innovative?

We enable social innovation and believe that the solutions with the greatest potential for creating lasting social change are those that are developed in collaboration with our communities.

How does Volunteer Palestine measure impact?

Volunteer Palestine builds and sets in place customised monitoring frameworks during the planning phase of its projects and observes project activities accordingly. We always identify which indicators to measure, frequency and format of reporting, define tools and methods for data collection, assign monitoring responsibility, determine resources and report recipients. It is usual to report back on a weekly basis and through to the attached form.

How can supporters get involved?

Friends of Volunteer Palestine supports us by joining our volunteer program, mentoring the programs and supporting us financially.