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Help Me Win the first Olympic Medal for Palestine

This campaign has ended on 12-04-2018

Campaign by: Mohammed Khatib  

Campaign Summary

I am Mohammed Khatib, and I want to win the first Olympic Medal for Palestine. I am fundraising to sponsor my training in the US.

The story so far

Two events originally inspired me to pursue this dream. In 2012, I watched athletes bring pride to their nations at the London Olympic Games. Ruta Meilutyte, at just 15 years old, won a gold medal for Lithuania in swimming. And then in 2013, a young Palestinian singer, Mohammad Assaf, won the Arab Idol competition. His victory lit up the streets with joy in a way I had never experienced before. That day, I knew I wanted to bring the same joy to my country if I could.

I taught myself to sprint using YouTube videos and a run-down high school track near my house. I didn’t know where I was going with this; I only knew that I had to run.

A golden opportunity

My experience in the U.S. affirmed that my dream is possible. It came a little too late to qualify for Rio, but I now have Tokyo in my sights- and am so lucky to have been offered another golden opportunity.

USC Mainz, a state-of-the-art athletics facility in Germany, has offered to host me and give me the professional training I need to get me to that qualifying time!

If I achieve the $10,500 target of this campaign, PACES Charity, an organization that works with sport development for children, will match that amount once reached.
Every penny will make a difference, so join #TeamMo and donate what you can for #Mo2020! 

Number of supporters

raised out of $10,500