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Volunteering Opportunities

Here are some ways you can volunteer your time to support Palestinian social enterprises:

Available Opportunities

SEO Expert and  Science Experiment Analyst 

Jusoor is an EdTech Startup that offers interactive simulation, virtual labs for students and educational institutions; Especially in STEM subjects. Jusoor platform also helps schools and universities which lack the access to physical labs due to many reasons, such as costs of labs and experiments, pandemic and lockdowns, risks or experiments, available spaces…etc.




Jusoor is offering two volunteering opportunities!



    • 2-3 months with the possibility of employment or paid work after the end of the volunteer period and the achievement of goals


    Brand designer

    Project logo development
    Social media poster design
    Visual identity book design from (roll up / brochure / business card)
    Duration of volunteering 1-3 months


    • 1-3 months with a possibility of employment or paid work after the end of the volunteer period and the achievement of goals


    SEO Expert 

    SEO expert to work on a keyword optimization plan
    Ablity to check the technical aspects of the project
    Check the appropriateness of content and articles with search engines and
    Editing it and instructing the content writer to fit it with SEO
    Addressing technical issues related to speed and security


    • 2-3 months


    Science Experiment Analyst and Writer 

    Analyzing the experiments and writing the content of the experiment
    Knowledge and study in physics or studying a chemistry major from school curricula for grades 8-12
    Ability to write a good explanation of the experience
    Duration of volunteering: 3-4 months


    • 3-4 months


    Social Media Management

    HomelyCare supports healthcare seekers who are unable to reach healthcare services. For many people, it’s difficult, and sometimes impossible to reach needed medical care.HomelyCare team provides medical care wherever the patient is and saves half of its revenue to treat patients who can’t afford medical services.






    • 2-3 months 



    Create content for various social media platforms 

    Create simple designs for social media posts

    Post and schedule social media posts 




    Apply to volunteer

    Thank you for expressing your interest in volunteering with BuildPalestine’s impact network! We appreciate you donating the time to make a difference in the community. We’d like to learn a bit more about you to better connect you with our members, so please fill out the following form. We will share your information with our member and they will follow up with you.

    If you wish to apply for more than one opportunity, please submit the form again.

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