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What we do

There are talented Palestinians working to solve problems in their community, and there are dedicated individuals looking to get involved. If we connect the two, we can build the Palestine we all want to see.

Our Programs

Impact Network

The BuildPalestine Impact Network is a network of innovative social enterprises committed to solving Palestine’s most pressing social challenges. Members of the Impact Network have direct access to BuildPalestine’s global members looking to support trusted social entrepreneurs in Palestine. Our role is to amplify our members’ important work by connecting them with the expertise, resources, and funds they need.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

BuildPalestine works with local changemakers and nonprofits to help them launch crowdfunding campaigns. From project design to outreach, we work side-by-side so that each project reaches its potential and makes a sustainable impact in Palestine.


The BUILDx Social Innovation Series provides a platform for our community to learn about social innovation, exchange knowledge, and collaborate with each other to build a better future.

Social Innovation Summit

The BuildPalestine Social Innovation Summit is a global gathering of dreamers and doers, coming together to imagine,  build, and celebrate. Join us, and we promise you will leave feeling inspired by what can be accomplished when our community comes together.

Join us to build the future we all want to see

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